Cyber-Security & Ethical Hacking

Students gain practical experience and in-depth knowledge about common ethical hacking topics such as intrusion detection, policy creation, social engineering, DDoS attacks, buffer overflows and virus creation. Without harming any real networks, students will learn about perimeter defenses, scanning and attacking their own networks as well as how intrusions escalate the impact of their breaches and the tools and steps necessary to secure a system.

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Seun Oyelude

Cyber Security Expert & Pro Hacker

Seun Oyelude is an Information Security Professional with over 6 years of client and industry facing IT Security experience.
He is both a speaker and member of organizing committee of NaijaSecCon, Nigeria’s Most Technical Cyber Security Conference. Seun is a Certified Ethical Hacker.
He is an experienced security professional with the skill set of a penetration tester such as technical security assessments, forensic analysis, vulnerability analysis & exploitation and Information security awareness training. He previously worked on projects to implement security solutions such as Network Access Control (NAC), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Encryption for at least 6 financial institutions in Nigeria.

Seun is proficient with implementing Information Security Awareness Programs and ensuring employees become more security conscious over the internet. He has been involved with numerous Security Gap Analysis and implementation of security controls to close the gaps across the world, thereby meeting Industry Information Security Standards Compliance.

Required Tools

  • A basic understanding of computers A basic understanding of networking Windows / Linux / Mac Operating system and hardware capable of running virtual machines, or spare hardware to run the other operating systems necessary to perform the Practice Demos

Classes and Required hours

Total: 12hrs

Week 1

Introduction to Ethical Hacking
Footprinting and Reconnaissance
Scanning Networks and Enumeration

We will cover the following topics;
Information security overview, Skills of an ethical hacker, Hacking concepts and phases, Types of attacks, Information security threats, attack vectors, and controls, Information Security Laws and Standards, Security Policies: types, HR/legal implications, Physical security and Threat modeling

Scanning methodology, techniques and counter-measures
Techniques for IDS evasion, scanning, HTTP tunneling, and IP spoofing
Drawing network diagrams - latest network discovery and mapping tools, network discovery tools for mobile
Proxy chaining - latest proxy tools, proxy tools for mobile

Week 2

System Hacking, Malware Threats and Sniffing

Introduction to malware
Trojans: attacks, how to infect a system, crypters, how to deploy, latest types, analysis, countermeasures
Viruses: stages, types, latest virus maker, analysis, countermeasures
Worms: types, makers, analysis, countermeasures
Malware analysis, Antivirus tools, Penetration testing

Attacks: MAC, DHCP and spoofing
Poisoning: ARP and DNS
Tools and Concepts, techniques, impersonation, identity theft, and countermeasures
Phases of an attack
Common targets of an attack
Impersonation scenario: Computer based, mobile based, social networking based

Week 3

Social Engineering and Denial of Service
Session Hijacking and Hacking Web Servers

Concepts, techniques, impersonation, identity theft, and countermeasures
Phases of an attack
Common targets of an attack
Impersonation scenario
Computer based, mobile based, social networking based

Concepts, case study, tools, attack techniques, and countermeasures
Botnet, Scanning methods for vulnerable machines
Detection Techniques and tools

Week 4

Hacking Web Applications, SQL Injection and Hacking Wireless Networks

Concepts, case study, tools, attack techniques, and countermeasures
Five stages of a web malware attack
Application level session hijacking
Network level session hijacking
TCP/IP Hijacking

Concepts methodologies, types of SQL injection, Evasion techniques and tools
Information gathering

Concepts, encryption, threats, Bluetooth hacking methodology, and countermeasures
Wireless security tools and hacking tools