Data Engineering

Dorcas was looking to move into a more analytical role and saw SQL as a requirement in the job listings she saw. She wanted to add “SQL” as a skill to her resume/CV with a clean conscience and back it up if any questions arose in the interview. But getting there would take forever. Better to just “fake it til’ you make it”… right?

Zainab was working in a marketing position at a small company. She had a bunch of creative ideas but sometimes felt like she was shooting in the dark and guessing at what customers were doing. If only she had some insights about user behavior so she could be a more data-driven marketer. But data analysis is only for technical folks… right?

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Dele Bakare

Data Engineering Maestro

High Energy, Fiscally Conscious, Goal-Driven Software Engineer, Data Scientist and Entrepreneur.

Dele Bakare approaches each new business challenge with his intrinsic flair for innovation, creative problem-solving, and measured risk-taking to drive consistent bottom-line improvements and returns.

Dele Bakare started with little to no technical experience. But after a lot of trial and error, headaches, and help from friends, he got good enough to uncover unique insights for himself, his teams, and his companies using SQL. He was able to discover interesting things about user behavior, create dashboards to track and measure progress on team goals, pull data for exec teams to use in investor pitch decks, and get data driven about decisions they made. He has since helped many team members buff up their data analysis skills and helped students land jobs!

Required Tools

  • No previous technical knowledge required FAQs: Do I need to purchase any software to take this course? Nope! Everything we use to do data analysis with MySQL is completely free. We'll walk you through the installation and set-up of any software we'll be using. Can I take this course with Linux? The set-up and installation lectures we've created are for Windows and Mac, and we don't currently have specific installation lectures for Linux

Classes and Required hours

Total: 10hrs

Week 1

Introduction to Data Engineering

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Most high-level marketers and product managers at big tech companies know how to manipulate data to gain important insights. No longer do you have to wait around the entire day for some software engineer to answer your questions - now you can find the answers directly, by yourself, using SQL!

Week 2

Unix for Data Engineering

In this course, we'll start from the basics - installing SQL onto your Mac, Linux, or Windows machine and explaining what a relational database is. Next, we'll look at basic tasks like creating tables and loading data into those tables. We will look at a wide variety of SQL commands and I will show you how to speed things up using indexes.

Week 3

SQL For Data Engineering

Once you know all the SQL commands we will start doing advanced examples - answering questions marketers and business people often have, like where are customers dropping off in our sales funnel? And which of our locations has the highest revenue?

Week 4

Essential Python For Data Engineering

In the last section, we'll do Advanced SQL queries on Spark, the big data framework that is the successor to MapReduce and also runs on top of Hadoop. I will teach you how to install Spark, create a cluster very quickly on Amazon EC2, and run SQL queries, allowing you to apply everything you learned up until this point in a big data environment.

A Note About Pedagogy:

I know what it's like to buy a book, feel good about yourself, never finish it and have nothing to show for it. I don't want that to happen with this course. I want this to be a course you'll actually finish. I believe half of learning is motivation and engagement, so I've tried extra hard to make this course fun, relevant, entertaining, and punchy - no frills, no dragging things out, just the good stuff. Heck, you might even find yourself skipping a party to spend time with your new best friend (i.e. ME)!