emerald cohort

September 2nd - October 3rd, 2017

choose a career path

Cyber Security

If you heard about the global ransomware attack on the world back in March, then you will know that there is a very high demand for security experts and ethical hackers. This is a very choicy career to have right now.


Data Engineering

If you are already familiar with Microsoft Excel as a beginner, then it is safe to liken Data Engineering to Maths & Further Maths. Just see it as advanced MS Excel & nothing more!


Digital Marketing

This needs no introduction. The demand is extremely high and quality hands are scarce. Even if you already started your career here, come learn the hidden tricks & tips to grow user engagement.


Frontend Engineer

User Interface/Experience Designers are one of the highest paid in the tech space. They go on to become Product Managers, CTOs and CEOs because they understand the customers more than anyone else.


Fullstack Engineer

Take all the courses listed and get exposed to the frameworks that will launch your career as a full stack developer with php, and nodejs.


All Classes will be held on Saturdays and Sundays with breakfast, lunch and Internet provided


Stage 1

Go through all the courses
Select a Career of your choice
Make payment and receive your course materials

Stage 2

Complete all your career courses
Complete all your tests and assignments
Pass the final bootcamp exam to get certified

  Stage 3

Get absorbed into the Findworka Mentorship Programme (FMP) where you work with several companies, learn under your mentors and earn
Complete 500 working hours within months of your choice and get certified my Findworka
Get introduced into the Tech ecosystem through various media channels