Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I join the classes from outside Lagos?

    We are preaching technology and it will be a shame if this wasn’t possible. We give you the option to call in via Skype or Google Hangouts.
    We also have other remote learning solutions that you can pick from as you please.

  • Will I get a job immediately after the program?

    All our best students get absorbed into the Findworka Mentorship Programme, where you can learn more under your mentors while working with several startups and earn while you do so.

    Statistics indicate that 48.2% of bootcamp students land well-paying jobs between the time they begin the bootcamp and at most, 3 months after the bootcamp. More statistics indicate that 43% of bootcampers are women.
    Coding bootcamps provide a staggering $29,190 lift in salary for low income earners.

  • Do we have Scholarship options?

    Yes. Details will be shared very soon.
    You could also email our academics director for more information;

  • Are online classes available?

    Our classes aren’t yet online.
    We are currently working on bringing you the best course contents but while we’re still working on this, we have partnered with Udemy and Coursera as affiliates and you will be able to register for their courses on our website very soon.

  • What do I need to bring to class?

    Our tutors have included certain requirements on their pages but a functional laptop will do just fine for now. Every other requirement shall be provided in class including internet, training materials and proper feeding.

  • Can I keep my job while attending Basecode Bootcamp?

    Sure thing! The bootcamp will hold for 5 consecutive weekends and even if you have a weekend job, kindly clear your calendar for the 5 weekends of intensive training across several aspects of the code.

  • How much can I earn after going through the coding bootcamp?

    Your earnings will vary based on whatever work model you adopt (remote or on-site), but with our legal and career coaching, you will be positioned to earn over $50,000 annually. Several programmers are taking on remote projects and you too can get your first mover advantage in this remote job frenzy. View more insights here.

  • What are the benefits of enrollment?

    You will be exposed to real life problems and you will be given the freedom to express yourself through your codes. We also provide training on Personal branding, Legal coaching, Self-selling, etc all in the bid to ensure that all our Basecode graduates are well prepared for the tech world.

  • Can I join the class with zero knowledge of programming?

    Absolutely! That is the goal of our bootcamp. To take you from 0-50 in 5 weeks. Our internships and job placement programmes will take you from 50-100.

  • Is there any payment plan available?

    Yes. We accept 50% down payment and the other 50% halfway into your class. Send an email to our academics director; for more information.